Laugh More Yell Less Challenge
Has pandemic parenting turned you into a ranting, raving lunatic?
You're not alone!

It's time to 
Laugh More and Yell Less
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This is exactly what you need if...
  • You spend all your time nagging and yelling at your child.
  • You feel like distance learning will be the death of you all.
  • You want to have more fun and enjoy being a parent.
  • You're exhausted.
  • You feel like a failure
  • You're losing hope.

Whether you have a school-aged child or a teen and no matter what diagnosis you're trying to untangle...

You need this challenge!
Here's what we're going to cover:

The secret to helping our kids move towards maturity.

How to decrease stress and improve memory

How to have have fun and laughter even when you're kids are misbehaving...without reinforcing bad behavior.

About your host: Melissa Corkum

When we adopted as parent trainers, we thought we were prepared. We were wrong.

We spent three years in a constant power struggle and dying on all the wrong hills. It took almost losing our kids to get us to do something differently.

Kids should come with manuals, but since they don't, a parent coach is the next best thing.

I've read all the books, gone to all the trainings, and gotten certified as a Life Coach, Enneagram Coach, Essential Oil Specialist, and Empowered to Connect parent trainer, so you don't have to.

I've helped dozens of parents shift to a brain-based view of behaviors so they can find more effective solutions besides threatening and punishing and become confident parents. I'm a mom to six kids by birth and adoption. They've taught me a lot about what creates thriving parent-child relationships…and what doesn't.

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