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Why is my child behaving like this?????

For a long time, I would just get angry, embarrassed, or frustrated when my kids would act up. I felt helpless except to try and punish them.

I got so fed up with the behavior, that I had to understand what was going on!

What I learned SHOCKED me! Just like babies use crying to communicate their needs, my kids were using bad behavior to communicate THEIR needs!

So, I put on my detective hat and set to figuring out what those behaviors meant. I worked with other families, and I realized there is a pattern among kids.

About The Author: Melissa Corkum
You've been there. A grocery store meltdown, daily phone calls from school, or defiance when you're at the end of your rope. You feel like you want the floor to swallow you up before you burst into tears. I've been there, too.

 However, parenting kids with multiple special needs through birth and adoption and educating them in private, public, and homeschool has led me to learn a lot about what helps our children succeed and what doesn't. Trust me. You don't want to learn the hard way like me.

I want you to laugh more and yell less when parenting your child with challenging behaviors.
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